#5286 – Jen Peer Rich

My guest is Jen Peer Rich in Atlanta, Georgia. Jen is a graduate student at Naropa Institute, a writer whose books are available at www.friendsinpresence.com. Jen is delightfully active on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jen.peerrich?fref=ts. And you’ll see that she is one of the most articulate speakers on nondual culture. Jen’s primary interest is ecopsychology. Jen writes, “Ecopsychology says that humans suffer from various stress and dysfunction because we have lost touch with our connection to nature with the industrial revolution of the last 300 years. Modern society is a breeding ground for disconnection and distraction. What I appreciate in this is a new lens to examine how we humans get so lost in our varying identities and beliefs. By restoring ecological sanity, that is knowing myself (I would suggest through a fundamental clearing with inquiry) as fundamentally connected to life and all expressions of life, we naturally stop objectifying and abusing the earth because we see it as our very own self.”


00:00 – 07:30 Opening theme by Prosad: www.prosadmusic.com. Introduction. Talking about nature and Earth. Noticing how interconnected we all are. Jen’s studies at the Naropa Institute. Jen speaks of her awakening experience, awakening to herself and life. The desire to understand how we are removed from this awakening. The calling to study ecopsychology. Jen’s Facebook presence at https://www.facebook.com/jen.peerrich?fref=ts. Jen’s relationship with her spouse Iris.

07:30 – 14:48 Jen talks about her very early life and severe health challenges and how that imposed heavy labels and a sense of identity based in illness.Waking up was a massive shift from a limited view to see herself as she is. Being conscious, becoming conscious, conscious living: what it means for Jen. What being unconscious looks like. Awareness and symbolic consciousness. Symbolic consciousness as numbing us out from awareness itself.

14:48 – 24:06 Acting unconsciously even while living consciously. People want their gurus to be fully conscious because they can’t handle ambiguity. Humanity is addicted to certainty. Certainty is what allows us to objectify the earth. The roots of certainty in dualistic thinking and this view being a removal from nature. The fear of uncertainty.

24:06 – 29:07 The nature of the calling Jen received. The pain that leads to suicide and Jen’s calling to support a healing within our collective system, a restoration of self.

29:07 – 35:39 The world and us as a mess. A mess compared to being wild. Nature is wild. Re-wilding of your psyche. Let go of your domestication to free your psyche. Opening to your wildness means there’s room for part of your life to be a mess. What’s always constant is awareness itself.

35:39 – 50:29 Non-symbolic consciousness and similar terminology discussed. What is ecopsychology? An inquiry into why we are destroying nature? The psyche and nature. Humanity as autistic with regard to nature. The earth as teacher. Ask the trees to teach you and be prepared to receive. This isn’t just philosophy. How are you living day to day? Conclusion. Closing theme by Prosad: www.prosadmusic.com

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