#5287 – Chani ft. Mandee Moon

Chani (see photo) lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she is a co-organizer at Nonduality Satsang www.nonduality.ca.

Mandee Moon is also a co-organizer of Nonduality Satsang and teaches Yoga and Yoga teacher training in Halifax: www.yogaheart.ca

00:00 – 06:58 Opening theme music by Prosad, www.prosadmusic.com. Introduction to Chani. Nature of the teaching of nonduality. New Age. Transcending duality and nonduality. Missing the present. The ongoing practice of paying attention to what you’re doing. The joy is always present but we miss by either fighting or fleeing. Distractions from the current and present joy.

06:58 – 14:45 An audio of Gerald Epstein speaking on becoming free: www.youtube.com/watch?v=he8uqyUN2r0. The outside world as a reflection of what’s going on inside ourselves. Osho’s thoughts discussed. People tend to want to work on the outside world rather than the inside.

14:45 – 21:20 Discovering unpleasant things within one and also seeing how we are all interconnected. We tend to put blame on the outside but need to take responsibility by looking within. Questioning everything and seeing where the other person is coming from. The demand to keep looking within.

21:20 – 26:06 The fascination with so-called enlightened people. What is the real you? The wholeness of experience while feeling separate.

26:06 – 41:39 In The Light of Love, by Deva Premal www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcXIq2yj008. Mandee Moon joins us via phone. A few major insights from quantum theory as cited in Quantum Physics: Sensing Unbroken Wholeness, by Judith Bluestone Polich, Excerpt from Return of the Children of Light, Incan and Mayan Prophecies for a New World
(pp. 97 -0 101) www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/…xpressionofspirA/. The value of questioning. It’s almost as though consciousness is looking at consciousness. Quantum theory leaves you more open.

41:39 – 47:08 Science can describe how things work but they don’t know what “it” is. Who is creating? People as a label. We think our labels are the reality. We can drop all our labels for a moment to feel the peace.

47:08 – 49:29 What would you be without labels? Mandee talks about the nondual nature of her Yoga classes. Yoga as a direct path from here to here.

49:29 – Guided meditation from Chani. Concluding words. Closing theme music by Prosadwww.prosadmusic.com

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