#5291 – Nancy Murray

Nancy Murray lives in Los Angeles and talked about her spiritual journey, giving great insights on living life “after you’ve done your meditation.”

00:00 – 04:05 Opening music by Prosad: www.prosadmusic.com. Introduction. The West Adams part of Los Angeles that Nancy lives in and what it’s like and what her life is like: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Adams,_Los_Angeles. Involvement in her synagogue, Amma (the hugging Saint), Leonard Jacobson.

04:05 – 08:04 Involvement with the synagogue and importance of practicing Judaism for living a life “after meditation.” Deep spirituality is available in Western traditions not only Eastern.

08:04 – 14:52 Nancy was head chef of Swami Muktananda’s ashram in Santa Monica around 1980. Perception of and experience with Muktananda and Siddha Yoga organization. How Nancy stumbled upon Muktananda via a Kundalini experience. Staying in a bliss state for over two years. http://www.siddhayoga.org/syda-foundation

14:52 – 19:59 Leaving Muktananda and spending four years in a party and drug phase in order to replace the addiction to the bliss of Muktananda. But “being in a garage doesn’t make you a car.” You have to do your own work. That’s the hard stuff. “Judaism inserts spirituality into the very fabric of your daily existence. … It’s very grounded.” “It’s Wednesday and I’m not in bliss.” Indians have an appropriate relationship with their gurus while Westerners tend to be off-balance.

19:59 – 21:58 Nondual experience in the company of Amma: http://amma.org/. God playing a game with himself. The process one of finding out where we are already at.

21:58 – 28:02 What changes? Something stays the same. Reviewing Nancy’s spiritual encounters. Association with Rabbi Mordecai Finley: http://www.ohrhatorah.org/oht_mordecai.php. Kabbalah and the chakras. Serving Jews influenced by Eastern traditions.

28:02 – 33:14 Meeting Leonard Jacobson: http://www.leonardjacobson.com/. His large following in China and why the Chinese are open to Jacobson’s teaching. Leonard’s approach and teaching.

33:14 – 37:28 I ask Nancy why she does all this spiritual activity. Being of service. “We’re swimming in a sea of love and we just can’t see it.”

37:28 – 38:25 Food. Swami Muktananda’s powerful presence.

38:25 – 40:19 Review of the interview. More on Muktananda including controversial aspects.

40:19 – 42:22 Nancy’s husband Israel as an early devotee of Muktananda and a world traveler seeking a guru. Not becoming attached to a guru.

42:22 – 44:26 Amma further discussed. Conclusion.

44:26 – 55:00 Rabbi Mordecai Finley, of the Ohr HaTorah congregation’s Morning Study from September 25th 2010, speaking on making room for the divine and the collapse of the inner life as the source of addiction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kk9WJ2NLBe4. Conclusion. Closing music by Prosad: www.prosadmusic.com

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