#5293 – Israel Sushman

Photo: Nancy Murray and Israel Sushman

Israel Sushman lives in Los Angeles where he is a social media marketer and experiences an eclectic spiritual life. His website is www.isushman.com. We talk about Israel’s spiritual journey, who and what appeals to him and why.

00:00 – 07:07 Opening music by Prosad www.prosadmusic.com. Introduction to Israel Sushman. Israel’s recent meeting with Amma www.amma.org and his experience with her beginning in 1988. How Israel met her. Bringing Amma to Los Angeles. How his Jewish traditon bears on understanding the energy of Amma.

07:07 – 14:00 Israel’s early life and experiences. Enjoying going to synagogue as a child. Open nature of Jewish religion in which he was brought up. College interests and activities in the late 60s. Psychedelic. Ram Dass. Timothy Leary.

14:00 – 18:00 Moving to Israel. Discover of Ram Dass’ Be Here Now. Desire to go to India leads to two month journey from Istanbul through other countries and into India.

18:00 – 25:58 Living in Swami Muktananda’s ashram. Power of Muktananda, experiences, and opinions. Muktananda’s guru Nityananda mentioned.

25:58 – 26:56 Returning to the United States in 1973. Living in New Mexico. Following Muktananda throughout the U.S. Wanting the high of being with a guru is like being on a drug. Scandals with Muktananda.

26:56 – 28:53 Leaving Muktananda’s group and getting into the totally opposite direction of drugs and partying. Chasing the high. Nondual approach of accepting what is.

28:53 – 33:25 Moving back into the Muktananda ashram in order to get sober. The desire for a special experience. 12-step program, family, work, spiritual explorations. Relationship with Amma.

33:25 – 40:56 Reviewing Israel’s history. Illness leading to his discovery of and relationship with Leonard Jacobson www.leonardjacobson.com. Israel’s eclectic interests.

40:56 – 44:38 Israel’s Rabbi discussed: Rabbi Mordecai Finley www.rabbifinley.com/. Appeal to the mind. Identification with ideas as a detriment.

44:38 – 55:00 Experience at AA, at synagogue, with Ammaji people, with various groups. Israel’s work in social media marketing. Judaism offering Eastern-like spiritual studies. Concluding remarks. Closing music by Prosad: www.prosadmusic.com/

Israel Sushman: www.isushman.com

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