#5297 – Gabor Harsanyi

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Gabor Harsanyi spoke to us from Budapest, Hungary. His website is https://silentroargh.wordpress.com. Gabor is a spiritual coach who frees people from thought addiction, allowing consciousness to awaken and to become the real guide. Gabor guides people by observing and exposing any and every thought form or belief that tries to keep their human mind in control and usurp the power the NOW.

00:00 – 06:50 Introduction to Gabor Harsanyi. The main job of a teacher is protect the student from the mind. Most teaching happens in the “being” state rather than the intellectual. However the intellectual approach serves to point the student toward certain values such as simplicity. Gabor describes the intimate process between teacher and student.

06:50 – 09:33 What is meant by sameness in a world where differences are valued?

09:33 – 14:00 Is there a choice to value sameness or differences? How does the mind handle that?

14:00 – 21:40 The importance of the embodiment of the experience of nonduality. We are connecting to the universal power that runs our body.

21:40 – 31:04 Further exploration of the embodiment of the memory of a nondual experience and in which time is transcended and nonduality or presence is known and takes root so that a person can function on a day to day basis. This is normal, simple being, not magical, from which all lives, and society, could be built. You must live from this nondual perspective or the mind will take the experience back.

31:04 – 43:35 Native American spirituality. Sweat lodge experience. Hot yoga. Some of Gabor’s spiritual biography: Ramtha school of enlightenment. Gathering of concepts. Living with a shaman in Ecuador where no English was spoken and therefore no concepts could be gathered. Ayahuasca experience. “In spite of all my knowledge, how come I don’t know anything?” “I saw that simplicity is not in the concepts.”

43:35 – 53:17 Following your heart. Why is it simpler to communicate the simplicity of the experience of sameness? “The magnetic field of the planet is changing … and influences human openness.” Trading financial markets according to fluctuations in earth’s magnetic field. Some details of trading futures on the New York exchanges. If you want to see if you’re enlightened play the stock market. Don’t play the game they want you to play, that way you will be able to see financial indicators clearly and follow your plan. Therefore even making money requires staying in the moment.

53:17 – 59:07 Aikido as practice for dealing with financial markets. In other words, you have to respond to the market “coming at you.” Trading software discussed. “Between money management and staying centered, you basically got it made.” “Simplicity makes the money.”

59:07 – 1:08:01 Simplicity versus the simplification movement. Simplification is mind based. Simplicity is out of inner silence. Concluding words.

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