#5300 – Cee

This interview with Cee was conducted August 9, 2015.

Cee was passionate about finding the truth of existence from a very early age. She spent her formative years seeking truth and meditating. She is thankful to Da Free John. Master Nome is her guru, for whose Timeless Presence she is grateful beyond expression. She bows to Sri Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta. Like all of our stories, the story of Cee is a flickering illusory mind form. May all who read these words enjoy the bliss of Self.

Cee’s website is www.presentnonexistence.org

Present Nonexistence is a tangible and spiritual communication of Self Knowledge for all those who yearn to understand. We honor and uphold the teachings of Advaita Vedanta but do not claim to represent them. We offer satsang sessions, retreats, and personal correspondence, where one can immerse oneself in these ancient teachings and be guided in deep meditation to realize the blissful Nondual Truth of Existence.

One thought on “#5300 – Cee

  1. boundlesspresence

    The poster girl for neo-advaitism, or as Da noted, the sixth stage error, wherein phenomenality appears to be separate from Consciousness. The error is unassailable here, as she has not fulfilled the law in the first five stages, and escapes awareness of that by holing up in a non-dual machine gun nest. Though having “no personality”, one need hear only three ever-attitudinized words to feel that Cee does not realize that all the worlds are only herself, a limitation shared by Nome. Da said, “Be the body only until it dissolves in light”. In disdaining all worlds (this itself a world) as a play of her refusal of her own form, Cee makes enlightenment appear unattractive, an uninclusive alternative to something.


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