#5302 – Gary Falk

In this topsy-turvy, paradoxical conversation forest dwelling is bad, chicken is vegetarian, and living off the grid is sorta like living off your parents.

Nonduality is out. Sacred duality is in. And a big party is planned with an astrologer, a 70s band, lotsa food, hot dogs, chicken wings, and karaoke.

We look at the difference between self-realization and enlightenment and find out what a swirl ice cream cone has to do with diunitality.

In fact this interview is like a swirl cone with stripes of everyday living, batty perspectives, and serious spirituality each occupying its distinct spiral track in the swirl.

And like any swirl cone, when you lick it, all the flavors combine into a cold sweet delight.

Nonduality Talk: www.nonduality.org
Diunital Consciousness: www.diunital.com

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