#5303 – Sarada Chiruvolu

This interview was conducted on September 15, 2015 via Skype.
Sarada’s website is www.homeatlastbysarada.com/

Sarada is the author of Home At Last: A Journey Toward Higher Consciousness:

This description is from the Amazon.com page:

Home at Last explains specific landmarks that we encounter during the journey toward enlightenment, based on the author’s direct experience.

The book also lets readers know what they can expect when confronting the mysterious, awakened inner force called kundalini. It explains how our outlook and goals change radically as kundalini directs our day-to-day life. Part spiritual memoir, part meditation handbook, Chiruvolu’s writings are clear and accessible yet contain profound spiritual insights covering:

• The nature of prana, or vital life force; how to increase its presence in our system; and the process of transmitting pranic energy from teacher to student.
• Detailed information on the important roles of diet, exercise, and training the mind in preparation for the journey of realization.
• The physical and psychological challenges one can expect during the extended process of awakening.
• Possible impediments to raising the energy, and how to transcend them.
• How to adapt to living and working with this powerful new energy in the context of everyday life.

And here is the biographical note from Sarada’s website:

In most external ways I am no different from the billions of people who share the earth today. I was 14 when I left India and made US my permanent residence. Although I spent most of my years in the States, my Eastern cultural roots have remained well established. After completing all my studies I worked many years with various pharmaceutical companies and other medical industries, married, and raised a family while leading a normal life.

I traveled extensively with my husband and two daughters, lived overseas for several years in Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Nigeria, and visited India only occasionally in the ensuing years.

Until nine years ago, I never considered myself primarily a spiritual person. But my interest in Reiki healing led me into meditation, which soon became the driving passion of my life. I left a pharmaceutical career to pursue a spiritual calling. So I set out on a unique journey that has taken me toward attaining realization of Self or Enlightenment through many years of deep meditation.

I began looking for a teacher with whom I could consult about the path to higher consciousness, and discovered an enlightened sage from South India named Amma Karunamayi, who teaches frequently in the West. I traveled to India to take the first of three two-week retreats at her ashram, and her intensive guidance accelerated my progress along the path. Over the years since, I continue to lead a normal family life dedicating my time involving myself in various philanthropic pursuits or in some form of social service where I can make a difference.

My calling now is to tell the extraordinary story of my journey by relaying authentic information and detailed descriptions of the evolutionary process of consciousness that I experienced. I feel that this can be of use to certain advanced seekers, while stimulating the curiosity of the general public. Reliable information can come only from those who have experienced it directly.

4 thoughts on “#5303 – Sarada Chiruvolu

  1. Dianne Aslett

    Questions that arise for me: Often the idea of being a ‘channel’ is the means of expressing ‘grace’ or ‘divinity’, and the non-dualists seem to me to be saying that we only need to ‘be’, and there is ‘no purpose’ except that which we ourselves create. This seems different from what Sarada is saying since she seems to be directly her energy very deliberately, wilfully – almost in her own words, something of a ‘go getter’ in the material world.
    Also several times Sarada refers to ‘God’ as a ‘he’ or a ‘she’, as if there is a ‘personal’ being directing events, giving purpose to his creation, in particular to human beings, who she says, needs to meet and merge with Source. Yet ultimately surely reality is ‘impersonal’ and without specific purpose and there is no one at the helm?
    Sarada refers to the non dualist position which often expresses no interest or reality to a moral, ethical concerns – there is no ‘right or wrong’ and everything is equally valid as a modus operandi in life. If there is no ‘personal’ god, then this makes sense – however difficult that might be for us to accept……?
    I do not think that to say it is not appropriate to wear ‘robes’ is any more valid than for someone to be of the persuasion that it is appropriate to wear robes. Either point of view is equally simply an opinion?
    Also, although Sarada might be able to raise and family and hold down a professional job as well as work with enlightenment ….some may not be able to do all those things at once. People are made differently, have different capacities and arguably in some sense, different ‘callings’? Again, neither Sarada, nor anyone else is in a position to dictate was is ‘appropriate’. Buddha himself left his family in his quest for enlightenment/his own spiritual growth….
    The plug for the selling of Sarada’s book felt very awkward to me. That too may be my own prejudice, but similarly why would anyone need this ‘hard sell’ if grace is at work.
    It did seem like a very ‘hard sell’ to me – I don’t remember Adyashanti, or Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi doing the ‘hard sell’ though admittedly Nisargadatta ran his own business…..
    Again, this issue of having opinions……………..may create stumbling blocks, but we all have them.


  2. Dianne Aslett

    Another point I wanted to mention was the reference to reincarnation. This is clearly a belief and as such nor proveable. If we accept that time and space is illusory, is maya, and only the ‘present’ is real, how is reincarnation a reasonable trajectory? The most that we can say is that it is unknown what happens when we die. To state reincarnation as a fact rather than a belief is surely incorrect in itself – misleading? We do not know. We do not know very much at all…. How can anyone make a claim about something we cannot possibly be sure about?


  3. Nonduality Highlights Post author

    Hi Dianne,

    Thank your listening to the interview and for you comments. I’m all about “the varieties of expression of nonduality,” and Sarada’s views and personality are certainly under that umbrella. I never sensed she claims to be “right” about anything, she’s only claiming to be accurate about her own experience and that it might be of value to some people. I think her intention is pure and that if Sarada is hard selling anything it is the value of meditation and living an ordinary life. However by no means is anyone required to meditate or live a normal life! I sure don’t.



  4. Dianne Aslett

    I did listen to the entire discussion from beginning to end. It was certainly interesting and worth following. But I still think its important that all these spiritual teachers – perhaps particularly the non-dualist variety – are clear what is their opinion from out their own experience, and what is FACT. Reincarnation is not fact etc…..Unless spiritual ‘teachers’ are clear about the difference, there will be many people who will think: ‘Oh, so it IS true then’. And in fact certain remarks are simply points of view. So, I am sure I learn some useful pointers from this lady, but my comment is one that I think needs to be taken on board….I thank you for your response though Jerry.


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