#5304 – Lloyd M. Dickie & Paul R. Boudreau

Lloyd M. Dickie (see photo) and Paul Boudreau are the co-authors of Awakening Higher Consciousness: Guidance from Ancient Egypt and Sumer. Their website is www.awhico.com. The topics are investigation of the sense of awe and mystery, ancient cultures, the Gurdjieff work, self-realization, world travel, archeology.

Description of Tracks:

00:00 – 02:45 – Opening music by Prosad. Introductions.

02:45 – 07:30 The topic of higher consciousness. Their book isn’t really about mythology, it’s about “us.” “When did you realize that mythology is about you?” Lloyd talks about a turning point that happened in Nepal. Lloyd feeling emotionally what was going on him and relating it to what he was seeing. 

07:30 – 10:44 Lloyd’s experience of his profound emotions. Their travels were a search for who they really are. The real search is find what’s real for me and what’s not.

10:44 – 12:37 Lloyd’s curiosity of things starting in childhood. Sharing his experience of the mystic emotion with others. Hypostyle Hall as a source of mystical emotion and some special teaching.

12:37 – 14:16 Experience at the Sphinx being one of a vast universe. Finding a language in the myths to describe the experience of mystical emotion.

14:16 – 19:03 Gobekli Tepe. Evidence that the people of 10,000 years ago were spiritually-based and very much like us in that regard.

19:03 – 21:47 Investigating initial literature of man in the pyramid texts talks about spiritual development, the highest aspirations, not practical things. Opening yourself to the scale and structure of pyramids give a mystical sense and experience beyond the ordinary. Higher consciousness as posing a big question and the pursuit of what that question is.

21:47 – 23:59 Is our society set up to keep us from higher consciousness? What’s happened in ten thousand years? Each person has to find their own touch point with the infinite.

23:59 – 28:47 The mystery of the pyramids. Staying in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid overnight. The quality of the space. Value of silence.

28:47 – 31:08 Transcending the chaos of life and experiencing something you’re not responsible for, beyond the ordinary you. The basis of eveything we tried was an attempt to find something material rather than strictly ephemeral: what is it, where does it come from, why is it difficult to understand? There’s no answer to why. There just Is. We were led by travel to try to explore these questions.

31:08 – 36:26 Lloyds’ experience with The Gurdjieff Work. Paul talks about the multiple I’s the Work talks about. Resonating with certain personalities such that there is a contribution to your understanding. The attempt to express the experience of one’s personal investigation of who they are.

36:26 – 40:29 Being beyond anything he could describe, Lloyd refers to. Where does it come from? No concrete answer. Is the not knowing sufficient? Resolution of Lloyd’s sense of being beyond.

40:29 – 46:25 The motivation to keep being more conscious and being inspired by Gobekli Tepe. Gurdjieff Work discussed again. “There’s something I don’t know.” Discipline of the Work. The big question is, Who am I? Each person has to find their own path and people with whom they resonate.

46:25 – 49:08 The drive to continue exploring one’s senses and emotions carries on and can be done here and now. It is choiceless and requires a partner to help us make sure we’re discerning properly. The spiritual game.

49:08 – 55: More on Gobekli Tepe. At first scientists did not think it was worth studying. Summarizing the conversation. Conclusion. Closing music by Prosad.

Awakening Higher Consciousness: Guidance from Ancient Egypt and Sumer, by Lloyd M. Dickie and Paul R. Boudreau. Information at www.awhico.com.

3 thoughts on “#5304 – Lloyd M. Dickie & Paul R. Boudreau

  1. Dianne Aslett

    I must be careful not to abuse my position of potential executioner…!
    What is discussed here by Lloyd and Paul is always very fascinating material for me and I resonate very much with the ‘seeker’ aspect of this. It reminds me of Paul Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’ whereby the seeker goes in search of ultimate truth only to return home at the end to discover that all the time the golden goose was already there. I also think of T.S.Eliot’s ‘In my beginning is my end’ etc etc, and of the evangelical charismatic Christian’s narrative of being ‘born again’ – or may simply the Christian narrative…?
    It is easy to get lost in the search and imagine that we will find the answers intellectually and I have done this, and still do this, myself; this asking of questions can be a kind of addictive problem that actually result in preventing us from discovering that eternal truth within ourself. For in the end that is where it is, and it is a simple ‘knowing’ and not intellectual at all.
    Again, I think although I find myself inevitably drawn to reading these very interesting interviews….I do not think the title of ‘non-duality’ truly reflects the nature of these pieces. Maybe it is always to be some kind of compromise in writings about this subject, but having read and listened to Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi…and in more recent times Jeff Foster, Unmani, Tony Parsons, Guy Smith, Richard Sylvester, it is clear that the latter non-dualists understanding of the term and ways of approaching spirituality is different from the sense of ‘non duality’ which umbrellas this site.
    Again, not to say I do not enjoy the interviews because I do, but this is my opinion on the title!


  2. Dianne Aslett

    Sorry to be so obscure. Maybe it is better if no one comments at all. This is sorry if the above offering which issued from my keyboard confused whoever you are!
    This was wanting an interacting to set that ball rolling of your whatever it is.


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