#5307 – What Is the Satguru?

What Is The Satguru?


It’s not hard to see what one actually is, but sometimes you need someone to point it out to you. You may be looking right at it and not see it. It hides in plain sight like a camouflaged owl.

You can be taught everything about the owl. You may be shown pictures, videos, you may study its anatomy, physiology, and behavior. But if you can’t see the owl in the tree right in front of you, the essential discovery is missing.

You’ve probably experienced a situation where, for example, a friend sees an owl in a tree and even though you are looking at the same tree you cannot see the owl.

Your friend tries to help you see it: “See that large branch, the third from the top? The one with the remnant of plastic bag stuck to it?”


“Okay, now follow the branch from the tree trunk.”


“See the first branch coming off the large branch and sort of pointing downward?”

“Okay, yes.”

“Now follow that branch down until you come to the second clump of leaves. Ignore the first clump.”

“Think I got it.

“On the second clump of leaves, some of them are kind of orange in color, see that?”


“Just to the left of that orange cluster, half behind some green and some of the orange leaves, is the owl. See it?”


“Just look.”

“Oh. Geez. Yeah. There it is. Why couldn’t I see it?”

“It’s hard to see sometimes.”

The owl was always there, you just couldn’t see it. The owl represents your true self. It’s always there and you know it’s there.

The guru shows you the owl in the tree. Now you can hang up its picture, see it in your mind’s eye, place its form on your altar, remember it, allow its image to comfort and guide you.

The satguru goes a step further and removes any subtle separation between you and the owl. Wherever you look is the owl. The looker is the owl. When there is only the owl, how can there be an owl?


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