#5309 – Bob Rose – October 19, 2015


Bob Rose talks about his life in meditation and meditation in life. His excellent website is www.meditationsociety.com.

We hear about his Yahoo Group, Meditation Society of America which has been active from the late 90s to today.

The purpose of Bob Rose’s work is to help people evolve in consciousness. When he first suggest teaching meditation to a college they called it a quack thing but they let him try, and it a was very successful program.

Bob talks about his family and grandkids. He reads from the book Mala of the Heart: 108 Sacred Poems.www.amazon.com/Mala-Heart-108-Sa…ems/dp/1608683788, treating one of the poems by Rumi as a meditation.

There are meditations for everyone’s inclination and to serve being a well-balanced person while holding a nondual perspective.

Get control of your mind, body, and emotions through appropriate meditation techniques. It may cause an unbalance if you practice only one method. You can be enlightened while experience unbalance in your life.

Mindfulness. Self-knowledge. Self-control. Importance of emphasizing what gives you real peace and introspection to see what’s going on in the moment.

Bob’s practice of watching his breath which went on for over 19 years and how it resolved.

Bob’s work as a nurse. Empathy and compassion as part of growing spiritually. Bringing meditation to the workplace where Bob is working with youth who have profound behavioral problems. Sharing meditation methods with co-workers.

The school system does not teach meditation or how to live a balanced life.

Bob’s spiritual leanings as a youth.

Dalai Lama’s meditation technique which considers the positive and negative images of himself prior to going about his day. We are the witness of this duality.

Bob’s 4 month old grandson living in the moment. Can we be as purely in the moment as the child?

Swami Satchidananda discussed. The inner child.

The practice of looking at your life as a balloon. We are building a spiritual body constantly, which is like a balloon expanding.

Bob talks about football and the Rastafarian philosophy.

Third eye meditation experiences revealed and how they resolved.

Mindfulness as possibly the fastest growing subject in schools; also taught in prisons and to athletes.

Dwell on what’s good for you, which is to evolve in consciousness.

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