#5310 – Jeanne Ripley – October 28, 2015

This interview was broadcast live on October 28, 2015, in the studio of CKDU at Dalhousie University: www.ckdu.ca.

Jeanne Ripley is the author of the channeled book, Love – The Fabric of Creation. Jeanne can be contacted at jeanneripley@outlook.com. Jeanne’s blog is at www.jeanneripley.wordpress.com where you can read excerpts from her book. 

Jeanne has had a long career in Nursing Practice & Nursing Administration and fully retired in 2015. Writing is her passion and she has been published in numerous places, and has been interviewed on radio and local tv. Jeanne is currently living in Clearland, about 40 minutes drive from Halifax, after having lived in Dartmouth for 27 years. Jeanne is currently introducing her manuscript, Love-The Fabric of Creation, to many groups interested in the evolution of consciousness.

Tracks described:

00:00 – 07:50 Introduction. How Jeanne started channeling. Asking the universe for something. The nature of the channeling of her book.

07:50 – 09:08 The bottom line message of the book. “We’re as close as your hand.” What is unseen is more real than the everyday things. Accessing your guide and your personal power.

09:08 – 12:56 What keeps us from knowing we’re love, the fabric of creation? Advice on public speaking. “What you want to achieve should not be attached to ego.”

12:56 – 15:05 A reading that considers, “We are deeply wounded.” Finding the healers.

15:05 – 20:06 Activating happiness. Beauty has a pulse. Even pain has beauty, coming out of the insights we gain.

20:06 – 22:35 “How do you say hello?” “Do not take our words lightly.”

22:35 – 24:18 Story about the guides getting a little too personal.

24:18 – 27:18 Key to contacting your guides or angels.

27:18 – 31:54 How do you know the channeling is “real?” Coming from the heart rather than the head. “Get hooked on your heart. It will take you every place you need to go.”

31:54 – 33:59 “Listen to nature’s choir.” Jeanne’s looking for a publisher! Jeanne’s promotion of her book discussed.

33:59 – 37:34 How has contact with the guides changed Jeanne’s life?

37:34 – 41:25 Specific ways Jeanne’s book will benefit readers. Additional ways channeling information has changed her life.

41:25 – 43:27 Meditation. Sound meditation. Alternatives to formal meditations.

43:27 – 47:05 “A saga lives within a grain of sand.” Jeanne living in the country. “We are indeed multi-dimensional.”

47:05 – 51:07 The Pleiadians. Building interdependent communities. Nondual expression in the book.

51:07 – 54:13 We have to change our life on earth. Your way of life may serve the elite but not the other planets. “Sightings of craft in the sky are real.” It’s important that we don’t lose our humanity.

54:13 Conclusion. Closing poem.

Opening and closing music by Prosad: www.prosadmusic.com

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