#5312 – James Traverse – November 11, 2015

James Traverse lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he teaches yoga and nonduality. His new book is Homeground: Head to Heart, which may be downloaded free at www.beingyoga.com


00:00 – 07:20 Introduction to James Traverse. Recognition of Remembrance Day. Nonduality as a self-remembering. Meaning of title of James’s book, Homeground: Head to Heart. Limitations of intellectual knowing of nonduality. Feeling-based knowing as more difficult to unveil than intellectual knowing. His book is an unveiling of the substance of duality.

07:20 – 10:30 More of James’s background in yoga and nonduality. On not simply believing what James or other teachers say. Listen, apply, test. An experiential taste is essential. Concepts as content of the mind. Beliefs as second-hand truths. The-thing-itself as the living experience of what is true.

10:30 – 21:30 Exercises in James’s book as experiential opportunities. We see things as separate which is a distortion. The veils are thought are relatively easy to dispel. The feeling-based veil could be addressed with certain exercises that question the whole idea of the body. The “hand exercise” is offered to demonstrate that emptiness is form. Identity as contraction. Worry as contraction.

21:30 – 29:20 The power of awareness. Noticing breathing. The very seeing is the doing. Seeing with the mind compared to seeing through the mind. The story of the rope and the snake.

29:20 – 35:56 James talks about the motivation for giving his book away for free and his other books on Nisarga Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Discussion on these forms of yoga.

35:56- 42:07 The exercise entitled Do Nothing. The very nature of being is doing. What it means to say, “The solution is contained within the situation.”

42:07 – 44:47 Once you know the true nature of being, life is never again the same. Emptiness is not nothing.

44:47 – 49:06 The coin exercise as a way to understand emptiness and form. The collapse of the observer and the observed.

49:06 – 56:45 Turning attention toward the experience of the true nature of being. Satsang. Local workshop with James. James’s book, Homeground, discussed. Connecting with nature. The koan, Who am I? Watching the watch. Questioning everything. Outro.

Opening and closing music by Prosad: www.prosadmusic.com

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