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Nondual Frame 8

I took a walk on the waterfront.


At a Chinese food stall a lady was frying dumplings. I bought some. Pork and vegetable.


Stopped at a vegan stall for a slice of carrot cake. No flour or sugar, all carrots, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, and dates.


Sat on a sitting wall downtown and smoked a cigar.


Then had a cup of coffee. The cup was well used. I wondered what life plans were made and altered over this cup. Maybe all anyone ever did was wonder what life plans were made and broken over this cup.


I didn’t have any plans to make or break. The coffee was pretty good.

Nondual Frame 7

Here are some recent photographs in no particular order which show various themes I’m pursuing, along with some notes:


Decay is part of the circle of life:



Martinique Beach, Nova Scotia:



The bridge along the Musquodoboit Trail. In our lives we cannot help seeing both natural and man-made works at the same time:



The following two photos are in some way “Zen.” Yet nothing was strategically placed in order to create a Zen scene. Everything is only the real.

2016-01-04 17_opt (1)2016-02-15parkinggarage3_opt


I have nothing to say about this photo other than that I find it interesting:

2016-01-04 17_opt

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