Nondual Frame 8

I took a walk on the waterfront.


At a Chinese food stall a lady was frying dumplings. I bought some. Pork and vegetable.


Stopped at a vegan stall for a slice of carrot cake. No flour or sugar, all carrots, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, and dates.


Sat on a sitting wall downtown and smoked a cigar.


Then had a cup of coffee. The cup was well used. I wondered what life plans were made and altered over this cup. Maybe all anyone ever did was wonder what life plans were made and broken over this cup.


I didn’t have any plans to make or break. The coffee was pretty good.

6 thoughts on “Nondual Frame 8

  1. Cecilia

    Big Bang

    This is when ultimate Reality expands, and hits the fan of “my” fiction, my so called reality in “my story of myself”. This is when Reality explodes “my me” beyond words, implodes “my me” towards the Recognition. Alleluia ! The reconnection. The resurrection. Exit the “me”! Good riddance and don’t come back if you please!

    I am the board walk. I am the late morning. I am the railing. I am the lamp post. I am the walk every moment and everywhere in between.

    I am Jerry at the Chinese stall of the waterfront. And I am the lady frying dumplings. I am right here. I am this screen and this keyboard, the click of the mouse and the taps of the keys singing their rhythmic tune. I am right now. I am the dumplings and the floating oil fragrance. And the scrumptious vegan roll that melts in the mouth. I am right here. I am touch, shapes and colors moving, and ecstasy of Being. All and nothing, everywhere and nowhere. Never late. Never early. Never wrong and never right. Simply always now and already. I am right now. I am the black and white photo frames. I am the cigar puff and the silence and the thoughts over the cup of coffee. I am the clay and the potter. I am flesh and bones, and perceptions and sensations. I am the Gratitude to be All that I am.



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