Monthly Archives: December 2016

Creating context

I don’t know if I’m taking great photographs, but I feel I’m taking good ones.

However, I believe I can create context that raises the value of a photograph. 

The blog format, design, and broad nondual theme is part of the context of all the photos appearing in this blog!

Added to that is the way a specific photo is developed and presented. This one is in the form of a poster:


I pay as much attention to the context as to the photograph. I consider myself a writer who takes photographs. I feel some day I may stop taking photographs, but I don’t feel I’ll ever stop writing.

Playing in the sand in winter

Photography requires an equanimous view. Something new is arising in the moment and I must see it and to be intimate with it by giving it its freedom to be what it is.

Only in intimacy with a subject can I capture it in a photograph in a way that could be beautiful to me. However, there is no guarantee I will come up with something beautiful or that even one other person will agree it has beauty.

I got intimate with the December glasswort. Here is the evidence I was active in sand, mostly on my knees or leaning on my side, photographing the plant, which is only about 8 inches in height, from many angles on a cold day:


Something within the plant’s structure is recognized and captured:


I look and see and look into what I see. The photograph pleases me and I had fun playing on the ground.