Creating context

I don’t know if I’m taking great photographs, but I feel I’m taking good ones.

However, I believe I can create context that raises the value of a photograph. 

The blog format, design, and broad nondual theme is part of the context of all the photos appearing in this blog!

Added to that is the way a specific photo is developed and presented. This one is in the form of a poster:


I pay as much attention to the context as to the photograph. I consider myself a writer who takes photographs. I feel some day I may stop taking photographs, but I don’t feel I’ll ever stop writing.

2 thoughts on “Creating context

  1. The Nondual Frame Post author

    Thanks for your comment. No, there neither is, nor was, any such intention. Not consciously. The breaking down of the concrete pier/walkway parallels the breaking down of an individual’s concrete views, labels, conditionings, and beliefs. And the ocean represents eternity or nonduality. One only enters or experiences nonduality when the concretion of labels, beliefs, conditionings becomes undone and broken up like the concrete walkway. Of course we need some labels and beliefs in order to function, survive, and live effectively. And it may be the case that certain conditionings never dissolve. However identification with labels, beliefs, conditionings ceases and they no longer serve as one’s path or walkway or pier leading toward a pre-defined destination. One has truly become broken and is now “marching toward eternity,” which is poetic if not quite accurate.

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