Happy new year

Feed the soul a lot


Feed excitement a little



One thought on “Happy new year

  1. Pandu Ranga Reddy Kallem


    Affluent nations and affluent citizens of any country in the world are deeply immersed in materialism which has resulted in the social evil of “Consumerism”, destroying not only the environment but has not secured “happiness” to the consumers which they were seeking in material objects. The consumers fall into the trap of advertisers which promise “happiness” if the consumer buys their product. The goal of the people, chiefly in life, is chasing after the goods and services viz. fulfilling desires, but the desires are never satiated. There is more to life than the above activity in life.

    One should ask questions like #WhoAmI? What am I? What is my #True #Self? Whence am I? Wherefore am I? and #realize that the true nature of your self is not your name and form. This is achieved by methods expounded by #philosophy called #Self-#Realization / #NonDuality / #Advaita / #Zen / #Vedanta / #NoSelf / #Oneness Unity etc. by methods namely #Meditation, #Mindfulness, #Dhyana, #Chan, #AtmaVichara, #Yoga, #Silence, #Stillness etc.

    My Twitter handle @PRangaReddyKOm or https://twitter.com/PRangaReddyKOm
    contain #Tweets for the same purpose.




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