Geology, Interconnectedness, and Architecture

Photo: Sand Dollar Beach, Nova Scotia

I just happened to meet Dr. Jacqui Malpas and her husband Rick while wandering along Sand Dollar Beach in Nova Scotia, Canada. They are British and currently live in New Zealand. Dr. Malpas allowed me to record her descriptions of the local geology as well as her thoughts on the political climate within the U.S. and the U.K.

Related to these political views, she shares her perspectives on global interconnectedness.

We also chatted about the possible relationship between the geological outcrops before us, and architecture and building, though that conversation was not recorded.

Listen to Dr. Jacqui Malpas:

Photo: Dr. Jacqui Malpas


Photo: Jacqui Malpas and husband Rick


Photo: Sand Dollar Beach, Nova Scotia. Geological outcrops. The outcrops feel like ancient architecture. In some ideal sense, it might be suggested, an architect could align with the natural forces of earth to design and build structures that feel as organically interconnected with the planet — and planetary forces — as these outcrops.


Photo: Sand Dollar Beach, Nova Scotia. Geological outcrop, greater detail. The pock marks indicate where sand was blown through the rock eons ago.


Photo: Sand Dollar Beach, Nova Scotia. Note the structural parallels between the three prominent outcrops on the left and the house on the right. Are the similarities coincidental or does this photograph illustrate an expression of common fundamental tendencies within both the Earth and the architect/builder toward a certain geometrical expression?

Further exploration

Nova Scotia Geological Highway Map



Geology of Nova Scotia


To pursue the architecture track, the following article could be a good start. I encourage further study of Christopher Alexander’s work:


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