Interview with Stephan Bodian

This interview was conducted on September 20, 2017 by Jerry Katz. Here are the topics:

Mindfulness, what it is; its benefits and popularity.

Limitations of mindfulness for the truth seeker.

Awake awareness, or the natural state, as innate and effortless.

Using mindfulness in service to the direct approach.

Various self-inquiries discussed.

How do you know what’s natural for you?

Nonduality culture discussed.

Nonduality as a word, the positive and negative.

Jim Carrey discussed.

Why aren’t there more Black people in nonduality culture?

Hiphop therapy and culture.

Concluding thoughts and statements.

3 thoughts on “Interview with Stephan Bodian

  1. Hannah Xianne Aslann

    I hadn’t heard of Stephan Bodian before so was very interested to listen to this audio. I felt the dialogue was a bit jerky almost irritable in quality. The person interviewing had his job to do I know but I sensed his circuitous discourse took Stephan places he didn’t want to go. Towards the end and in bits throughout this interview we were brought back to what is essential about the non-dual way – that all this natter about culture and ‘scenes’ is of interest to the spiritual tourist but isn’t relevant to helping our understanding or connection with———-You Know What.


  2. Nonduality Post author

    No, I don’t know what, but thank you for listening. Too bad you didn’t like parts of the interview. I could have been at the beach that afternoon.


  3. Hannah Xianne Aslann

    Sorry if my comment was too brusque. Sometimes I just write down what comes into my head. I was trying to evaluate honestly though. When I mentioned ‘You Know What’, that was supposed to be funny, and a synonym for ‘What is’ etc etc. There are a number of ways that this is expressed in non-dual-speak. No, I found the talk very interesting, and I am glad you didn’t take yourself off to the beach but committed to the interview. Thanks.


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