The Smokable Sacredness: A Consideration of Cigars & Nonduality

by Jerry Katz

The cigar holds an essence of nature that is released in the smoke. This essence resonates with the most essential part of what I am. That resonance is what I feel, enjoy, and contemplate as a smoke.

Nonduality means not-two and refers to non-separateness as the nature of reality.

Cigar smoking reveals there is no separation between the natural world and myself.

3 thoughts on “The Smokable Sacredness: A Consideration of Cigars & Nonduality

  1. cerosoul

    You probably know that in Cuba cigars are used in Santeria ( a shamanistic religion imported from Africa by slaves). The brujo (shaman) blows cigar smoke on the head of the seeker and pour rum on his/her head. The brujo drinks some rum and passes the bottle around. He scarifies a rooster by cutting its head with a machete and sprinkle his blood on the seeker and all around on those present. Everyone began to dance at the tune of bongos ( tall African drums) the seeker and sometimes others collapse on the floor with epileptic like convulsions and hopely receive messages from African gods such as Chango or Yemaya.


  2. Gary Falk

    I’m OK with all that, although I’d substitute Mel Torme’ for Frank Sinatra, but of course Old Blue Eyes will always do in a pinch. As for the scarifying of roosters, I think that works mainly with regular people. For the vegans in our audience, however, I would suggest that the brujo take out his machete and lop off a big chunk of seitan or tempeh, so as not to offend their alleged higher consciousness.


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