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#5296 – Cecilia Weiss

Cecilia Weiss is a wife, mother, author and editor. She lives in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India where she is an active participant in the Auroville Nondual Meetup Group, whose primary facilitators are her husband Didier Weiss, who I interviewed here, and Anamika Borst, who was interviewed here.

Cecilia edited Anamika’s book, Life At Zero Distance, and is currently editing a book by Didier on nondual teachings. Cecilia has written books for young learners of French through the simple and complex vowel sounds of the French language (Rimes et assonances en Français / Phonics in French). Cecilia spoke from Besançon, France, where her daughter is receiving medical attention for Tourette syndrome.

In this passionate and authentic sharing we talk about her daughter’s struggle with Tourette syndrome, and the journey to actualism and headlessness via experiences with the Finders Course.


00:00 – 07:07 Music by Prosad. Introduction to Cecilia Weiss. Cecilia’s daughter’s struggle with Tourette syndrome discussed.

7:07 – 12:03 Enjoying spending three months in Besançon, France. Hearing thunder and rain. How Cecilia and Didier found themselves living in Auroville, India. Moving through life in response to what comes and what is right and ripe.

12:03 – 16:00 Cecilia’s childhood known by an innate sense of happiness which has sustained throughout life. More rain in the background! Responding to life. Recent discovery of the sense of how life and events are impersonal.

16:00 – 19:23 Experiencing an earthquake of understanding when attending the Science and Nonduality Conference in 2012 (SAND2012). Value of listening to podcasts of teachers.

19:23 – 24:06 Times prior to the ripeness for SAND2012. A miscarriage and meeting Ramesh Balsekar around 2000. In current times importance of listening to interviews as reminders to just be, let things go, no need to go into the story of the poor me.

24:06 – 25:19 Value of the Auroville meetup group. Being this being-ness.

25:19 – 29:25 Reviewing experience with Ramesh. In-person meetings with Unmani and Karen Richards and their influence. Rupert Spira’s help in clarifying what this is all about.

29:25 – 36:13 Discovering the Finders Course as a resolution to her remaining misconceptions about waking up. Concerns that the Finders Course could require a degree of letting go that would interfere with day to day life. The drowning of the me.

36:13 – 37:39 Release of life energy when the “baggage” is unloaded.

37:39 – 43:18 What does the Finders Course do? Actualism. Let’s you find what resonates with you to bring clarity.

43:18 – 46:39 Unlearning. Abandoning what blocks clarity. Finders Course further discussed.

46:39 – 49:00 The headless way and riding a bicycle or running or whatever is happening.

49:00 – Life after the Finders Course. Writing what comes. Full of wonder. Editing nondual books. Desire to share that one can be happy. Concluding words. Music by Prosad.

Finders Course:
Auroville Nondual Meetup Group:
Tourette Syndrome:
Phonics in French:

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Random hand of cards 26/06/15

by Cecilia Weiss

Like a castle of cards
the “me” falls apart and disintegrates
when it is Seen and Known
once and for all
that the “me” castle is imaginary,
only and simply made of cards
ruffled and reshuffled
according to the Law of Chances
so utterly and completely at random.

The cards may come out of their box,
be dealt and cut in neat stacks
and reshuffled
any number of times.

And the card castle may tumble
at any now
any number of times.

The cards remain unconcerned and unaffected
while in turn standing in the air,
leaning against one another
or piled up like a small mess all ruffled up
while waiting for the next reshuffling
or going back to their deck.

It is a no brainer.
Playing happening.
This is no master mind and no headache.
No losers, no winners.
No winning, no losing.

It would never come to a castle’s mind
to blame or to praise the Law of Chances
that takes a chance each time it plays its laws
according to some divine plan
the cards may not conceive,
for how could they?

Each castle gets a deck of cards to play with.
Random order…

Only IT is constant in any random hand of cards
and remains the same
whether a King or the Queen, a Jack or a Joker
an Ace or any significant or insignificant number…
whatever the suit club, diamond, heart or spade.

What is IT?
The back of the cards.

#5291 – Nancy Murray

Nancy Murray lives in Los Angeles and talked about her spiritual journey, giving great insights on living life “after you’ve done your meditation.”

00:00 – 04:05 Opening music by Prosad: Introduction. The West Adams part of Los Angeles that Nancy lives in and what it’s like and what her life is like:,_Los_Angeles. Involvement in her synagogue, Amma (the hugging Saint), Leonard Jacobson.

04:05 – 08:04 Involvement with the synagogue and importance of practicing Judaism for living a life “after meditation.” Deep spirituality is available in Western traditions not only Eastern.

08:04 – 14:52 Nancy was head chef of Swami Muktananda’s ashram in Santa Monica around 1980. Perception of and experience with Muktananda and Siddha Yoga organization. How Nancy stumbled upon Muktananda via a Kundalini experience. Staying in a bliss state for over two years.

14:52 – 19:59 Leaving Muktananda and spending four years in a party and drug phase in order to replace the addiction to the bliss of Muktananda. But “being in a garage doesn’t make you a car.” You have to do your own work. That’s the hard stuff. “Judaism inserts spirituality into the very fabric of your daily existence. … It’s very grounded.” “It’s Wednesday and I’m not in bliss.” Indians have an appropriate relationship with their gurus while Westerners tend to be off-balance.

19:59 – 21:58 Nondual experience in the company of Amma: God playing a game with himself. The process one of finding out where we are already at.

21:58 – 28:02 What changes? Something stays the same. Reviewing Nancy’s spiritual encounters. Association with Rabbi Mordecai Finley: Kabbalah and the chakras. Serving Jews influenced by Eastern traditions.

28:02 – 33:14 Meeting Leonard Jacobson: His large following in China and why the Chinese are open to Jacobson’s teaching. Leonard’s approach and teaching.

33:14 – 37:28 I ask Nancy why she does all this spiritual activity. Being of service. “We’re swimming in a sea of love and we just can’t see it.”

37:28 – 38:25 Food. Swami Muktananda’s powerful presence.

38:25 – 40:19 Review of the interview. More on Muktananda including controversial aspects.

40:19 – 42:22 Nancy’s husband Israel as an early devotee of Muktananda and a world traveler seeking a guru. Not becoming attached to a guru.

42:22 – 44:26 Amma further discussed. Conclusion.

44:26 – 55:00 Rabbi Mordecai Finley, of the Ohr HaTorah congregation’s Morning Study from September 25th 2010, speaking on making room for the divine and the collapse of the inner life as the source of addiction: Conclusion. Closing music by Prosad:

#5290 – Paul R. Boudreau

Paul Boudreau is co-author along with Professor Lloyd M. Dickie, of the new book Awakening Higher Consciousness: Guidance from Ancient Egypt and Sumer, published by Inner Traditions. Ordering options are available at

A transcript of this interview may be read at

00:00 – 04:33 Music by Prosad: Introduction to Paul Boudreau. The nature of the book as an exploration of who we are, through a study of myths. The Genesis myth.

04:33 – 09:54 Friendship with co-author Lloyd Dickie and how it included a study of myths. The discovery of higher meanings in myths. Meaning of higher consciousness discussed. Levels of consciousness are experienced, which are given language and imagery in myths.

09:54 – 12:06 How does academia regard the personal higher consciousness aspect of the study of ?myths. Access to the scholarly literature is readily available for personal study. These two websites are mentioned: and

12:06 – 15:27 Other texts based on accessing myths in order to support the investigation of higher consciousness. The book Hamlet’s Mill. The value of being an ecologist and seeing relationships and levels of organization. The mythological significance of the nursery rhyme and game Ring Around the Rosy.

15:27 – 20:08 Little Red Riding Hood as an example. Participating in the reading of a myth is critical to further insight. The urge to follow an impulse to pursue some objective.

20:08 – 25:18 Paul expands upon what he said in another interview: “To be in the middle of a pyramid is such a calm and reassuring yet earth shattering place to be in the world. Lloyd and I have done it a couple of times.” Advanced nature of Egyptian culture.

25:18 – 28:28 Are there ancient aliens involved? The archeological site Gobikli Tepe discussed: There’s a lot to learn about our ancient history and roots. The Greeks learned from the ancient Egyptians.

28:28 – 32:45 Comparing the Eurocentric and ancient Egyptian view of addressing the dualities in life, the either/or and both/and views compared. Creation and the Void. Enantiodromia as the reconciliation of opposites.

32:45 – 36:02 The myth of Gilgamesh discussed as reconciliation of opposites and how Paul makes it personal.

36:02 – 40:31 Mythology seen in movies. Myths can be an escape or a personal journey, or both. Discussion on approaching dualities from a both/and perspective rather than either/or can lead to higher consciousness. Ecology as full of the both/and perspectives. Finding the way of letting opposites co-exist is critical.

40:31 – Heka and Maat discussed as two principles of creation, the gods of magic and order, respectively. What is magic? Paul talks about his first memory that “I was.” Myths reinforce the value of those moments. Concluding statements.

~ ~ ~

Awakening Higher Consciousness: Guidance from Ancient Egypt and Sumer, published by Inner Traditions. Ordering options are available at

Review of book:
The blending of scholarship, ancient myths from Sumer and Egypt, and the pursuit of diunital (“reconciliation of opposites”) and nondual (recognition that our true nature is not separate from the void, the “limitless, undifferentiated waters”) consciousness inspire a force for personal and cultural transformation. This blending is fused by the commitment of the authors to performing the magic of transformation. A powerful book for anyone, regardless of their apparent state of spiritual consciousness, who wants to become further aware of the vastness of the experience of being alive.
-Jerry Katz

#5289 – JP Sears

JP Sears lives in Charleston, South Carolina. He is an emotional healing coach, international teacher, world traveler, and curious student of life. His work empowers people to live more meaningful lives. JP presents classes, workshops, online seminars, and leads retreats at numerous locations around the world on inner healing and growth. He is also very active on his YouTube channel AwakenWithJP, where he encourages healing and growth through his entertainingly informative and inspiring videos.

In this interview JP opens up about his life, his work, his humor videos, his girl friend, his home, and shows us in a very rich fashion what he’s all about. We explore many hills and valleys of being human.

JP’s website is and his YouTube channel is

#5277 – Catherine Noyce

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