This link will take you to a variety of writings on nonduality originally posted to, mostly during 1998 – 2000. is currently operated by James Traverse who teaches Nidra Yoga. I personally recommend James!

During those years and its associated email forum Nonduality Salon joined to create a glowing hot cauldron of discussion and interaction on all things nondual.

Out of this wild womb of nondualistic frenzy was born the popular use of the word nonduality. If you consider where you first heard the word nonduality and trace to its source, it could have been and Nonduality Salon.

The first appearance of a form of the word nonduality in the English language was probably in the 19th century, contained within translations of Buddhist and Hindu scriptures and literary works. Hence, some first heard the word nonduality while studying philosophy or religion at university. Others first heard it when engaged with a guru and an ashram.

However, the popular, everyday, kitchen table use of the word nonduality appears to be sourced in our activity on and Nonduality Salon. What was created was a people’s nonduality.

When blogging became commonplace in 2003, the word nonduality started to show up in casual reports of ordinary life events: “We had breakfast at the cabin. Dolores made biscuits and Ethan cooked eggs. We talked about the bear we saw, Jen’s mom, nonduality, and what to pack for lunch.”

Nowadays both the word and teaching of nonduality are fairly mainstream in spirituality circles and the amount of information on nonduality online is massive. Thank you for your interest!

-Jerry Katz