Greg Goode and Direct Path. Interviews by Scott Kiloby.

Greg Goode is the author of Standing As Awareness Scott Kiloby is a teacher himself whose unfettered, full seeing approach is widely recognized. Scott’s newest book is Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment Scott Kiloby talks to Greg Goode about the Direct Path. A four part series with Greg Goode, where Scott […]

New Class in New York on Mahayana Emptiness Teachings by Greg Goode and Tomas Sander

Greg Goode and Tomas Sander will be teaching a class in New York, Saturday, January 16, 2010, entitled: Western Emptiness Teachings and Joyful Freedom The Mahayana emptiness teachings are considered key for attaining liberation from cyclic existence. Yet their difficulty has made them less intuitive than they might be. This class will offer insights from […]

Review: Standing As Awareness, by Greg Goode

Standing As Awareness: The Direct Path by Greg Goode Review by Jerry Katz Greg Goode is like a pianist playing a complex composition with a light touch. I’ve read this book about four times and each time new seeings emerge. This book creeps up on you. Although I wrote a friendly Foreword, and Greg Goode […]