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#5266 – Greg Goode, Part 2

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#5264 – Greg Goode, Part 1 – November 23, 2014

Greg Goode, Part 1 – November 23, 2014 

[Notes: The interview with Jeannie McGillivray could not be uploaded due to a technical problem at the radio station.
This interview with Greg Goode will be broadcast on the radio December 10, but I figured, why wait? Part 2 will be published in the next few days. -Jerry Katz]

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Greg Goode and Direct Path. Interviews by Scott Kiloby.

Greg Goode is the author of Standing As Awareness

Scott Kiloby is a teacher himself whose unfettered, full seeing approach is widely recognized. Scott’s newest book is Reflections of the One Life: Daily Pointers to Enlightenment

Scott Kiloby talks to Greg Goode about the Direct Path. A four part series with Greg Goode, where Scott Kiloby becomes Greg’s student (along with being the interviewer) so that Greg can explain the direct path. This is a rich path that leaves no stone unturned!

Listen to these step by step directions from Greg on standing as awareness itself: http://kiloby.com/kilologues.php

Review: Standing As Awareness, by Greg Goode


Standing As Awareness: The Direct Path

by Greg Goode

Review by Jerry Katz

Greg Goode is like a pianist playing a complex composition with a light touch. I’ve read this book about four times and each time new seeings emerge.

This book creeps up on you. Although I wrote a friendly Foreword, and Greg Goode comes across as kindly, with a clean cut ego, this book takes you to where there is no person. It’s good that this book creeps up and doesn’t hit you all at once.

You’ve heard over and over again that “there’s only awareness.” Standing As Awareness delivers that knowing.

This book is about self-inquiry, using methods you have probably never seen. It also comes with this notice:

“Don’t stop if it gets rough. The search is sweet, but it is not always comfortable or reassuring to the assembly labeled as the person. Be unafraid of what might come up.” … “Comfort is not the criterion of being in touch with awareness, and discomfort is not the criterion of being out of touch with awareness.”

There are many other exquisite nuggets of revelation. This is a rarely heard statement:

“One can wait until the dissolution (of the witness) happens. There is no reason to hurry, because there is no suffering, and the witness is sweetness itself. … One may wait for the dissolution to happen, or one may feel called by higher reason to investigate the dualities. Either way is fine.”

Greg shows you how to bring about that dissolution of the witness or the I Am, whatever you want to call it. That you can dissolve the witness without waiting, is an amazing teaching, and delivered so effortlessly. That effortlessness in presenting rare teachings is what makes the book creep up on you: you may not see what he’s saying at first or second reading.

I recommend Standing As Awareness even if you are already familiar with nondual teachings and books. If you are first exploring the teaching of nonduality, this book may be challenging but it will smarten you up quickly about the game of enlightenment, satsang, and nonduality itself.

Standing As Awareness: The Direct Path
by Greg Goode

Standing As Awareness: The Direct Path

Greg Goode’s new book, Standing As Awareness: The Direct Path , is going to be published by premiere house Non-Duality Press, in late October.

I was pleased and honored to have written the Foreword which is a glimpse into the personality of Greg and the new possibilities offered by his book.


From Greg’s website:

Standing as Awareness: The Direct Path
(New, Expanded Edition! Foreword by Jerry Katz. Forthcoming from Non-Duality Press, October 2009)

The book’s title comes from one of Sri Atmananda’s teaching methods. When you take a stand as awareness, you don’t take yourself as an object such as the body or a personalized mind state, but as awareness itself. Sri Atmananda passed away in 1959, but his teachings are as radical and crystal clear today as ever.

This new edition retains the selection of dialogs from a decade of New York City nondual-dinners, but adds three new chapters on the fundamentals of the Direct Path, such as How to Stand as Awareness, Falling in Love with Awareness, and “The Witness – from Establishment to Final Collapse into Pure Consciousness.”

The new chapters include several experiments in awareness that can help establish and stabilize your experience that the world, body and the mind are nothing other than pure consciousness itself.