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Beyond Lucid Dreaming and Waking

While it is fascinating to dream lucidly, that is, to be aware that you are dreaming and to be able to manipulate your environment — whether sleeping or awake — it is not a recognition of your natural self. It’s a recognition of your cool self.

The natural self, the Self, is stillness. It is dreamless sleep and dreamless waking.

Instead of trying to experience a lucid dream, upon lucidity in a dream, be still. There’s nothing to chase, nothing to manipulate. Carry this stillness to the waking world, to the greatest extent possible. In this way you will come to your natural way of being.

How to Walk Through Walls in Dreams

The first thing you have to do is become lucid in your dreaming. You need to stop in the middle of a dream and say, “Hey, I’m dreaming.”

Then you need to find a wall, preferable one within the dream that is felt to be imprisoning you.

Then realize in your lucidity that you have to walk through the wall.

Next, realize that there is no wall. It is only a thought and has no existence as a solid wall. Make that realization within the dream.

Then lean against the apparent wall. Lean into the apparent wall. A resistance may be felt, but a certain kind of momentum will be generated to take you through the wall and into another dream space.

Where you go from there and how you apply lucid dreaming to your thoughts and your self-image in the waking world is the stuff of spiritual searches. Good luck!

Lucid Dreaming: Facing the Dark Areas

I’ve already written on entering the darkness when you are experiencing a lucid dream.

I want to repeat that the dark areas in dreams mark where the play of inner light ends. The play of inner light is known as dreams. If you lucidly enter the dark area within a dream, you will leave the dream and experience awareness itself.

You may note that there are protectors of the dark areas who direct you away from them. They can be ordinary people, wild animals, even gurus. Usually your own fear of the dark areas is sufficient to keep you away from them.

The dark area is prior to all light. The instruction to “follow the light at the end of the tunnel,” at your time of death, makes sense if you want to be re-born. Otherwise move into the blackest black (not simply a dark blue, for example) and you’ll be gone. You’ll know that at the time of death and, as in a dream, you’ll be directed away from the dark area and toward the light. You have to be strong at that point. Most are led directly to the black area or to the light or to some intermediate level without lucidity about what’s happening.

All dreams, all existence arises in the dark area. It’s a very small event, that arising. Brains have been evolved to make that incredibly small event incredibly huge. By being a lucid in a dream, or within any experience, you can see that. You can see what you are.

Lucid Dreaming: Entering Darkness

I’ve Noticed Shadows

I’m not familiar with the literature of lucid dreams, so I don’t know where this confession fits into it. I’m good at dreaming lucidly. But, like being awake, it is what it is and there is nothing I’m so interested in manifesting or changing.

However, I’ve noticed in dreams places of long and deep shadows. I’ve been meaning to walk into those dark places during a lucid dream. The other night I finally explored one of those deep, dark shadow places.

The Dream

I was in a garage — going somewhere, doing something — and I had just turned a corner. I looked behind me and saw not far away a long, deep, and very dark shadow area. Since I was lucid in the dream I thought what the heck and walked back into the shadow.

It was nothing more than a dark space in which I could not see! I walked back into the light in order to continue the dream.

The Nature of the Dark Place

However, the dark place was very peaceful too. It was the experience of awareness alone. Some people experience all their dreams from that place. It may be black as night, or have a cast of dark blue. It is the experience of awareness itself.

It seems that all dreams are edged by darkness. If you’ve never seen that darkness, I’m sure you sense it. That darkness marks the limit of the dream, the place where the play of inner light ends. So by all means, if you wish go beyond the world of the dream, look for the deep shadow area and enter it. This is not the Jungian shadow world. It has nothing to do with repression. It’s different, as explained below.

The End of the Dream Is Everywhere

What is the parallel in the waking world? What is the dark, deep, shadowy area of the world in which you are right now? How do you move beyond the everyday and into awareness itself?

That’s done by being aware that you are aware. That can also be done during a lucid dream, of course, at any point in any dream. That deep, dark shadow is everywhere. The end of the dream is everywhere, though it may be perceived as distant in some way.

The distance may be perceived as psychological, as something yet to be achieved. It may be felt as geographical, as being represented by a teacher who lives away from you. It may be physical in dream space, as the place of darkness I walked toward.

Clearly, distance isn’t real. If there is only awareness, there is no separation from it. There appears to be movement toward or away from awareness, but there isn’t any movement, just as in a dream nothing moves or fundamentally changes.

Do You Value the Dream or the Source of the Dream?

What’s important is what you value. If you value the dream and all the events occurring in them, then have fun. At least I am sure you will pay some attention to your pure existence or awareness. If you value awareness, then you will also be active in the dream world, but you will always know the dark, potent, wordless ground of reality.

This Darkness is Dark Because It Has Burned the Eyes That Would See The Light

Perhaps you are asking why darkness is used for the depiction of awareness and not light. This darkness is prior to the light. It is not the shadow side of Jungian psychology. It is not a shadow that hides repressed things.

The light of the dream comes out of this kind of darkness that I’m talking about. That’s how bright this darkness is. It is beyond seeing or knowing. There are no more eyes to be burned by this brightness. So it appears to be dark.

How To Discover That The Light Comes Out of The Darkness

If you doubt it, just enter that dark space in the lucid dream and then manifest a dream situation. You will see light form in the darkness and take whatever shape you want. Then you will get all caught up in the manufactured shapes. But if you remain lucid, you will see those shapes for what they are: absolutely nothing. But don’t let that keep you from enjoying that hot fudge sundae!