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#5300 – Cee

This interview with Cee was conducted August 9, 2015.

Cee was passionate about finding the truth of existence from a very early age. She spent her formative years seeking truth and meditating. She is thankful to Da Free John. Master Nome is her guru, for whose Timeless Presence she is grateful beyond expression. She bows to Sri Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta. Like all of our stories, the story of Cee is a flickering illusory mind form. May all who read these words enjoy the bliss of Self.

Cee’s website is www.presentnonexistence.org

Present Nonexistence is a tangible and spiritual communication of Self Knowledge for all those who yearn to understand. We honor and uphold the teachings of Advaita Vedanta but do not claim to represent them. We offer satsang sessions, retreats, and personal correspondence, where one can immerse oneself in these ancient teachings and be guided in deep meditation to realize the blissful Nondual Truth of Existence.

#5128 – Susan Zurawski & Cure of Her MS Affliction Via Yoga – Rich Texture of Yoga – Kiloby Center

Edited by Jerry Katz

Happy new year everybody.


photo: Susan Zurawski

Susan Zurawski talks about how she got into Yoga at the advice of her neurologist when she was stricken with a case of multiple sclerosis that left her paralyzed and nearly blind on the left side of her body. Susan talks about the power of Yoga not only for physical well being, but for psychological, mental, and spiritual benefits.

This conversation explores many layers of Yoga and living and is indeed satsang itself. The Ashtanga eight-fold path is discussed in some detail with the bridge between Yoga and nonduality described.

James Traverse joins us. So much more is covered!

– Susan’s long running Yoga class, which is free, inviting donation to a food bank.

– The nature of welcoming, space, and presence within the unfolding and teaching of a basic Yoga class.

– Witnessing, self-inquiry, and the nondual aspect of Yoga.

– Ram Dass, The Bhagavad Gita, Yogananda, Sharron Gannon and Jivamukti Yoga, the Ramayana.

– King Lear, e e cummings.

– Ahimsa as non-violation of natural order and the implications of that definition.

– Impressions of India, Yoga as life, Yoga asanas, the Yoga of sound, the meaning of OM, authentic Yoga practice.

– Ramana Maharshi, J. Krishnamurti.

– What is nonduality?, the third eye, the chakra system, kundalini yoga, pranayam.

– Yoga and diet, being vegan, vegan chocolate mousse recipe.

– Bikram Yoga, art and science.

– The free expression of Yoga in this conversation as a celebration and itself a teaching of Yoga.

Listen here:



Photo: James Traverse and friends. James is third from the right. Shamim, the woman on the left, and Chani, the woman on the right, are regularly attending members of our Nonduality Satsang group in Halifax.


Launch of Natural Rest for Addiction and the Kiloby Center for Recovery

Hello Friends:

The Natural Rest for Addiction book and site have been launched!

This has been quite an ongoing labor of love for many years. I’m so happy to have this available for everyone now!

The best place to start is the site at www.naturalrestforaddiction.com. You’ll find many resources there, including the book, free videos, audios, news feed, private chat room, access to facilitators and much more. I want this site to truly be a community of people supporting one another in this new way of recovery. The book, titled “Natural Rest for Addiction, A Revolutionary Way to Recover through Presence” is available on the site in print form now. The Kindle version will be released in the next couple of weeks. I will notify you of its release through a subsequent newsletter. And I would appreciate a review on Amazon if you find the book helpful.

I am also happy to announce the opening of the new Kiloby Center for Recovery in Palm Springs, California on February 3, 2014. You can access information about the Center through the Natural Rest site or by going straight to www.kilobycenter.com. I am working full time at the Center for at least the first six months of 2014. If you or someone you know is experiencing addiction, come participate with us at the Center. You don’t have to be experiencing addiction to join us at the Center. Everyone is welcome! If you are just wanting to dive more deeply with my Living Inquiries on any issues including depression, anxiety, relationship stuff or even general unhappiness, come explore with me at the Center. And yes, addiction includes the addictive seeking after awakening. Natural Rest can bring about the end of seeking in all its forms, and an abiding in the simple peace and now of the present moment. You can contact me at the Center at kilobycenter@gmail.com.

Thanks for your undying patience during the time in which we have put the finishing touches on the site and book. I hope this work helps you as much as it has me and so many others!

All the best to you and yours,

Scott Kiloby

Explore the Natural Rest site!



Bradley Harms
acrylic on canvas
20″ x 24″


#5110 – Thursday, December 12, 2013 – Editor: Gloria Lee


#5110 – Thursday, December 12, 2013 – Editor: Gloria Lee
Nonduality Highlights • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/




Correction to issue #5107: The piece titled “They 
have come to make love with you” was written by Matt
Licata at A Healing Space blog – 
http://bit.ly/L7Yre4 – The name Michael Chilcoat was
meant for a photo on that blog page which I
subsequently decided to leave out. 




If you know you are not the mind, then what
difference does it make if it’s busy or quiet?
You are not the mind. 


~ Nisargadatta 





Before and after counts. The big “reveal” is what
makes people go “OOOOOH”  on shows like Oprah.
Before and after are pretty much “meh.” I have
decided  that these moments of squealing surprise and
delight are pretty much  market-driven responses and
can be thrown out. Enlightenment is something 
everybody says “Ooooh” over and then they decide to
cut their toenails on a  newspaper. That coverage is
somehow never available.
~Vicki Woodyard




Join my workshop, it’s happening now, and it’s free!
Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad,
all took this weekend intensive: that’s how they got certified!
You’ve been on the waiting list thousands of years,
but initiation only takes the blink of an eye.
In fact, just reading this invitation is enough:
Even though you haven’t begun, you’ve mastered the practice.
Hear the secret that was never hidden:
how to use three talismans that you received at birth,
your inhalation, your exhalation, and your heartbeat.
OK, that’s it, you’re authorized to teach!
Now go out and get some disciples.
Instruct them how to bow and gaze at each other.
It’s all remembered in a flash of emptiness.
Accept the truth, you are unfathomable.
I’m just reminding you about your ancient wonder,
the gentle light that melts the edges around all creatures,
then solidifies into a blinding sun, then burns
a widening ring of voidness from the center of your heart,
outward, to the rimless limits of our fractaled galaxy.
How great is the wisdom you don’t know you already have?
Angels get so tipsy singing your name,
they have to hum every sound in the alphabet to remember it!
Don’t send me any money for this.
I get plenty of reward just thinking about you
waking up tomorrow morning and saying to yourself,
“Nothing! Nothing! I learned absolutely nothing!”



Yaşar Koç Photography

A Dozen or So Practical Tips For Better Sex 
1.   You’re going to lose it eventually, whatever it is.
      Take it for granted or not.  Oddly, it’s fairly
      momentary either way. 
2.   Shameless enjoyment is as spiritual as it gets. 
2.1  Celebrate being consciously aware of anything at
      all. Anything. Anything.  God. Soap. Beans.
      Whatever. Celebrate it. Whether you believe in
      the  powers of words or not. Celebrate that you
      can know any single thing. Any  one thing.
      ANYTHING! It’s a triumph. It’s a sheer triumph. 
3.   Money is helpful and rich people die everyday. 
4.   If you don’t like corporations, don’t buy what
      they sell. That’s it. That’s  how you get ’em. They
      cannot exist without customers. 
4.1   Property is the only cause of suffering. 
4.2  Attachment is biological. Liberation is
      philosophical. Trust all four. 
5.   The most practical hobby to take up is playing
      with sound, silence, stillness  and movement using
      only you. No props. No special do-thingies. Just
      you. It  is possible to enjoy this hobby
      everywhere on the island for the entirety of  life. 
6.   If you are going to have children create with them.
      Do things with them at the edge of ignorance, the
      place where your knowledge and their knowledge 
      are both open to not knowing what will happen
      next. This helps develop  mutual respect; no one in
      charge of who knows what is happening and 
      interested all the same. 
6.1  Awe is open interest without preconception. To
      feel it, drop every thing  you ever heard someone
      else say about you and reality. Drop every piece
      of  information that came from anyone else, no
      matter what stage in life. Just  drop it all. 
6.2   “What is that?” is benign. Try it out and listen
      to what happens. 
7.   Pain is not a sign fear is required. 
8.   No matter who you love also admit you use them. It
      makes everything easier. 
9.   Don’t assume the math is something anyone
      understands completely and know  there is a
      relative physiological usefulness to simply
      considering the large of law numbers. 
10. For maximum creative buzz, apply equal parts: NO
11.  Don’t try to win arguments. Just make sentences
      you like hearing. 
12. The less you own, the less owns you. 
by Benjamin Smythe
PS. It’s the law of large numbers. The typo came out of
     the machine and I left it because it felt like a perfect


#5107 – Monday, December 9, 2013 – Editor: Gloria Lee

#5107 – Monday, December 9, 2013 – Editor: Gloria Lee
Nonduality Highlights • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights/

Enlightenment is intimacy with all things.

~ Dogen Zenji


“I came to discover that grief is not sadness. Grief is
love. Grief is a felt experience of love for something
lost or that we are losing. That is an incredibly
powerful doorway. I think we all carry that abiding
ocean of love for the miracle of our world. And if, on a
collective level, we could grieve together and
rediscover that deeper part of our collective psyche,
then healing the symptoms of that disconnect could
happen much faster than we imagine.”

~ Chris Jordan

From an interview with Chris Jordan about the film
project MIDWAY. Article: An Abiding Ocean of Love:
A Conversation with Artist Chris Jordan. Center for


What I know makes me proud and small.
The Unknown humbles me and makes me vast.
Through the practice of Unknowing, I am human.
I am a speck of dust, vibrating with the music
of stars. O Lord, hear my prayer.

~ Fred LaMotte

Click on photo and the image will fill your screen:


Many people breathe in without knowing they are
breathing in. Many people live without knowing they
are alive. Life is a miracle. When you breathe in
mindfully, knowing that you are breathing in, you
touch the miracle of life.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh


A pianist plays ‘Imagine’ on the anniversary of John
Lennon’s death in front of Ukranian riot police on
Photo: Nastya Stanko


In a stunning turn of events today in Thailand, riot
police yielded to the peaceful protesters they were
ordered to harass and block. The police removed
barricades and their helmets as a sign of solidarity.

video: http://youtu.be/t3y3WPL7Oko
Some cry tears of joy as a truce is called between Thai
protestors and police. CNN’s Paula Hancocks reports.


You should be out of both these traps… neither bondage
nor freedom… because this is a concept. Bondage was a
concept, now concept of freedom. Get rid of both these
concepts and now where are you? Here… here is neither
a trap of bondage nor of freedom. Here is here.

~ Papaji


on “spiritual inquiry” – be warned

if you endlessly ponder

your seeming lack of enlightenment

(the proof of; the reasons for; the need to overcome)

your life appears to be unenlightened

and is experienced accordingly

if, for one instant, you stop your pondering

the Real is found to be already and always there

(luminous; changeless; already perfect)

and your life, in that instant, IS enlightenment

and is experienced accordingly

you don’t need to seek or strive or supplicate

you don’t even need to understand or accept or believe

you just need to slow down

get really quiet

and stop

how cool is that?

by miriam louisa


They have come to make love with you…

There is so much intelligence in your hopelessness if you
will turn toward it and mine the wisdom it offers. You
have been taught that hope is required and that it is a
true “spiritual” quality which is necessary to open your
heart to this world. But the wild reality of love will
never conform to your hopes and fears.

There is a line between sanity and confusion which is
not nearly as solid or continuous as it may appear. We
could say that love is the bridge between the two,
though it is not the love that the mind knows. This
bridge is translucent, and is crafted of your
self-kindness and luminous creativity, emerging out of
the unknown to reveal the wisdom within your neurosis.

Your hopelessness is path, and is a pure reflection of
untainted original awareness, revealing the most radical
truth that there is no ultimate reference point in which
you can rest any longer. Groundlessness is becoming
your home now, for it is within this raging crucible of
hopelessness that the conceptual world falls away. In
its place is wide empty space, but it is so warm there,
and so pregnant with the qualities of love. It is this
warmth which enables you to share yourself with others
and with this precious world. You are no longer
ashamed to be what you are.

Your sadness, your vulnerability, and your hopelessness
– these guests have not come into your experience so
that they can be healed, transformed, changed, or
transcended. They are not problems which need fixing
or more evidence of your failure. They have come to
make love with you, and to reveal their nature as path,
weaving and interpenetrating your tenderness with
everything around you.

~ Michael Chilcoat
A Healing Space blog – http://bit.ly/L7Yre4



That day I saw beneath dark clouds,
the passing light over the water
and I heard the voice of the world speak out,
I knew then, as I had before,
life is no passing memory of what has been
nor the remaining pages in a great book
waiting to be read.

It is the opening of eyes long closed.
It is the vision of far off things
seen for the silence they hold.
It is the heart after years
of secret conversing,
speaking out loud in the clear air.

It is Moses in the desert
fallen to his knees before the lit bush.
It is the man throwing away his shoes
as if to enter heaven
and finding himself astonished,
opened at last,
fallen in love with solid ground.

The Opening of Eyes
From River Flow
New and Selected Poems
©David Whyte and Many Rivers Press

Deepak Chopra Introduces Nonduality … or Non-Dual Consciousness

This new article in the Huffington Post may be the first time Deepak Chopra has used the term “non-dual” in a high profile manner. Rather than the terms “nonduality” or “nondualism”, he speaks of “non-dual consciousness.” He realizes the term “non-dual” is non-friendly to most people, but that “consciousness” is familiar and vague enough to allow the reader to go to a comfortable and acceptable place “inside.”

This is why Chopra is a brilliant communicator to the general populace. He knows how to fuse the new and strange to the old and familiar. He knows how to lead people from the old to the new.

Rather than present the starkness/fullness of nonduality, about which nothing is granular, his teaching rests in what people can read about, learn about, feel, experience, get involved in, even worry about for gosh sakes, namely science, namely mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

By presenting the unknowable through the rungs of the known, he leads people to an understanding of nonduality. Few may know the falling down of the ladder that brings them to that understanding. Yet Chopra does what he is called to do, what any of us are called to do, which is to talk about what we can’t help talking about, which is Truth (or whatever you want to call it). We each talk about Truth in our own silly way, whether through essays, poetry, art, science, dance, sculpture, raising a family, selling insurance, etc.

Perhaps Chopra sees 2012 as the year of non-dual consciousness for the spirituality mass populace. Longtime readers of the Nonduality Highlights have not only known about non-dual consciousness for quite a while, we’ve even had a nonduality community online and in person since 1998. But Chopra isn’t talking about community. He’s speaking to individuals.

I wrote on nonduality.com that 2011 would be the year nonduality hits the mainstream: “Nonduality is headed to the major mainstream. When? I’m writing this in late 2010. It could be any day, literally. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the major mainstreaming of nonduality in 2011. ”

Gimme a break. So I was off by like four days.

Here’s Chopra’s article:

A New Year, and Possibly a New World
Posted: 1/4/12 09:10 AM ET

by Deepak Chopra


Read more
Conscious , Consciousness , Dualism , Healthy-New-Year , Human Consciousness , Medical Materialism , Non-Dual Consciousness , Non-Dual Materialism , Paradigm Shift , States Of Consciousness , What Is Consciousness , Worldviews , Healthy Living News

Access above links at article home:


A New Year, and Possibly a New World

by Deepak Chopra

It’s fascinating, as time turns another small corner, to think of how worlds shift and collide. There is no evidence that a person as brilliant as Shakespeare understood that Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo had already revolutionized the human mind. The same thing may be happening now, and many brilliant people seem unaware of how our present-day world — meaning our conception of reality — may undergo a seismic shift.

I’m not thinking of fossil fuels and Arab uprisings, not even of the 99 percent as against the 1 percent. Upheavals in the outer world are secondary, in the long sweep of history, to inner revolutions. We may be on the verge of such a one. What makes me think so is a trickle of medical articles, now greatly expanding, that are proving troublesome to mainstream medicine. These articles sometimes deal with cancer, sometimes with antidepressants, sometimes with the dashed hopes for gene therapies that seem constantly out of reach.

What these articles have in common is that treating the body like a machine isn’t panning out. The next breakthrough in cancer or psychotherapy or genetically-related disorders may come from an entirely different angle than the workaday materialism that “of course” looks at our bodies as physical objects like any other. That “of course” is the mark of a settled worldview. God “of course” created the world in seven days and the soul “of course” was more important than the body, which was a temporary shell while the soul worked its way through this vale of tears.

When settled worldviews crumble, we have to reinvent the world. So far, there have been only three categories from which to construct reality from the ground up.

1. Dualism, which separates mind and body.

2. Non-dual materialism, which considers only physical things and excludes the spiritual, mystical and supernatural.

3. Non-dual consciousness, which traces reality back to mind and beyond mind to the very potential for mind.

Dualism no longer satisfies professional thinkers. Putting mind in one box and the body in another settles no questions about either. We are left with half a loaf, unable to say anything reliable about pure mind but also unable to connect the subtle way that the body responds to thoughts and feelings. Yet curiously, the average person is a flaming, if secret, dualist. We compartmentalize our lives in countless ways. God belongs on Sunday, the material world dominates the rest of the week. We treat our bodies sensibly, yet when a mortal illness threatens, it’s time to pray. This kind of compartmentalism is understandable, but in the long run it’s frustrating, as witness the countless people who feel anxious and empty in their search for higher meaning.

The same complaint could be aimed at non-dual materialism, but science, which is totally materialistic, has won a resounding victory on many fronts. Therefore, it’s an easy slide into believing that the scientific worldview must be correct. Non-dual materialism leaves no room for anything that cannot be turned into data. So it is incompatible with God, spirit, the soul and even the mind. The average person has bought into the notion, publicized constantly by the media, that the mind is the brain. After all, we can now watch the brain in real time as a person experiences love, faith, compassion and all other “higher” experiences that once belonged to the mind and the soul. But watching the brain at work is like watching an old tube radio light up when Beethoven is played. It would be naive to say that the radio composed Beethoven’s music. Yet just as naively non-dual materialists see no reason to look beyond the brain for an invisible thing labeled as mind.

This is the worldview that is crumbling while seeming to rise victoriously higher. Termites are silently chewing at the timbers. One notices this by being attuned to articles about the failures of the materialistic approach. Contrary to popular hopes, materialism cannot explain cancer or depression. It cannot tell you why talking to somebody can help your free-floating anxiety while tranquilizers may fail. Materialism sidesteps the mounting problem of side effects and the long-term damage to the brain from decades of taking psychotropic drugs. Materialism cannot explain what memory is, where it is stored on the cellular level, or why memories haunt us. There are many, many failures of this kind, and even in a field far removed from medicine like physics, peering into the void that gave rise to the physical universe has posed huge explanatory problems.

Which leaves the third worldview, non-dual consciousness, that is all but invisible on the scene. It has been invisible for a long time, certainly in the Judeo-Christian West, where only a handful of obscure names like Spinoza, Giordano Bruno, and Meister Eckhart flirted with the idea that all is one, and that “one” is consciousness. Today, some farseeing speculative thinkers in physics are coping with the possibility that we live in a conscious universe. A tiny handful of neuroscientists are grappling with the possibility that the mind controls the brain and not vice versa. It’s exciting fun to be part of this splinter group, especially if you relish the scorn of experts who inform you that “of course” you are completely off your rocker, a charlatan or a crypto religionist.

What the scorn masks is that “of course” will be thrown out the window if a new worldview takes hold. That’s what happened to the idea that “of course” God created the world according to Genesis. But the non-dual consciousness that was dominant 3,000 years ago in Vedic India cannot return as it once was formulated. The modern world isn’t about to throw science out the window. Instead, science must expand, so that we look at cancer, depression or the Big Bang and say, “Now I see.” (In particular, the mind-body connection with cancer needs exploring, as we will do in a later post.) A worldview succeeds when it explains more than the old one, when it opens people’s eyes and when it achieves practical results. In the next post, we’ll touch on how non-dual consciousness can do all those things.

To be continued

For more by Deepak Chopra, click here: