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Stanley Sobottka on Open Awareness Study Group

Chris Hebard writes…

Stanley Sobottka on Open Awareness Study Group February 1, 2010.

Open Awareness Study Group is a Yahoo Group which anyone may join free. Click here to join.

Read the first two chapters of A Course in Consciousness, as the first week’s questions will be limited to this content. Go here to get your FREE copy of the text:


Formulate clear questions on the material in these two chapters only.

We need 6 or more of you to ask the first questions now.

Help us welcome Stanley Sobottka for the rare gift he is, by being ready with questions Feb 1.



Scott Kiloby on Open Awareness Study Group

Scott Kiloby is starting his month of appearance on the Open Awareness Study Group, which you may join at


Signing for the Study Group is as close to a nonduality “must” as there is on the Internet.

Scott’s site is www.kiloby.com . He has also written a text at www.living-realization.blogspot.com.

He also has many videos on both youtube and on his site, as well as audio dialogues with other teachers and writers interested in non-duality. See the KiloLogues page of the kiloby.com site for those audios.