Tarun Sardana

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Dissolved is a readily understood Advaita: a study of mind; a question of illusion; an enquiry, “Who am I?”; a surrender to the Guru, to the Self; a dialogue on spontaneous action, pre-determination, fearlessness.

Dissolved is a practical Advaita: impermanence; the nature of happiness; renunciation, diet, helping out the world, alcohol and drugs; all these topics are crisply addressed.

Dissolved is a full Advaita: in the end there is the dissolution into Self through surrender to the Guru and via self-enquiry.

Dissolved is filled with stories and metaphors, some of which you may have heard and all of which are heard freshly once again.

Perhaps you are seeking a beginning education in Advaita, or further practice of self-inquiry, or maybe you only want to enjoy the dialogue, the stories within, the story at large, the teaching, the expression. 

In 90 pages of gentle dialogue, poetry, and storytelling, Dissolved offers all this, all you could and could not imagine.

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Tarun Sardana

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Tarun Sardana writes in the spirit of Hermann Hesse, more to the point, with a direct nondual message.


A beautiful book for anyone and especially someone who needs to turn toward the light and live from it.