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To hear my view of photography as an art, please read, Let The Scene See You.

A few Nova Scotia photographs by Jerry Katz.

you take the spirituality autobahn


you leave the city
and take the spirituality autobahn
all the way
until it becomes a two-lane highway
then turns into a low speed road
then bumps and potholes
and finally a dirt road, smooth at first,
then quickly its unevenness rocks you
almost brings you to a stop

you don’t want to go any further
but the road curves up ahead
so you go

now the dirt road is barely identifiable
overgrown with old thick weeds
nearly impassable with rocks and small boulders
but you go
and then the road, if you call that a road,

you get out of your vehicle
and enter the woods.
there’s a path.
you take it.
you look back, you see the way out is now gone

yet there is a path to follow
you feel found
you find some stability

until the path starts to lose definition
at times you’re not sure you’re on any path at all
you start looking for a path
you imagine you’re on a path
in your mind there’s a path and you are going

then you meet someone living an ordinary life
you talk about your path
he says you’re not on a path
that there’s no path here

in the distant there is noise
it seems to come for you
it is a city
you are in a city
a big city
a beggar asks you for a dime
a priest wears a prominent cross
a stranger is driving your car

and you realize something:

that you are in the pathless land

Beach houses






Interview with Stephan Bodian

This interview was conducted on September 20, 2017 by Jerry Katz. Here are the topics:

Mindfulness, what it is; its benefits and popularity.

Limitations of mindfulness for the truth seeker.

Awake awareness, or the natural state, as innate and effortless.

Using mindfulness in service to the direct approach.

Various self-inquiries discussed.

How do you know what’s natural for you?

Nonduality culture discussed.

Nonduality as a word, the positive and negative.

Jim Carrey discussed.

Why aren’t there more Black people in nonduality culture?

Hiphop therapy and culture.

Concluding thoughts and statements.

The guardrail

the guardrail
is pulled out of nature
& chemically altered
to keep nature out
but nature gets out

2015-12 endofroad





2015-12-09 12.58.06

Nova Scotia beach road. Writing and photography by Jerry Katz.

Come to me with nothing

Come to Me with nothing. I shall lay all treasures at your feet . . . you shall walk away with nothing . . . knowing all is gone . . . all is . . . what I Am.




Nova Scotia beach as an art gallery of wild evanescence.