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To hear my view of photography as an art, please read, Let The Scene See You.

A few Nova Scotia photographs by Jerry Katz.

No need for presence


It happens that when I go out to the same place to photograph, something new strikes me. I don’t have to trust that it will happen. Nor do I have to “know” it will happen. I just go there.

Trust and inner knowing get in the way of being there. Being there is not presence. No need for trust, inner knowing or intuition, or presence.

Those qualities may have been of value at one time, but they were released when I found myself standing naked and alone in nature, not trusting, not “knowing,” not present. In that quality of being I position my camera and take a picture.

Any quality of being other than that needs to be recognized. It need not be changed, just seen, recognized, and acknowledged. With a relaxation of the psychological musculature that holds in place the concepts of trust, intuition, and presence, I can again be unadorned in nature.


Writing and photography by Jerry Katz